Well my hubby has left for Vegas and I am holding down the fort here in Austin.  So I am eating for one and exercising for one( that's the same though)  and taking care of the doggies! Today has been a very slow paced day but I am looking forward to my Vegan Potluck at Beyond Fit this evening, I am going to wear my new jeans, that are super cute, so watch out!

I got a NEW phone today, goodbye iphone 3 hello iphone 4s, my favorite feature is the camera for sure! Now I can take better pictures for the blog, woot woot.

Today started off with a morning strength workout with Beyond Fit, Squats, chin-ups and dips. I can already feel how sore my legs are going to be, I am starting to train with the goal of competing in a power lifting competition.  SO my squats have to be below parallel, which is NO JOKE, I rolled out my hips after each set, but I have a feeling I'm gonna be limping tomorrow. 

I went to NorTh for lunch with my mom which is always very tasty. I had soup and a salad with chicken, got my new phone, and went home and took a 3 hour nap and went to get ice cream with my hubby. All in all a nice fulfilling day :)

Happy Friday my friends! What a wonderful muggy day, I was outside all day and it was muggy as all get out, I think I sweat off 5 pounds! Luckily I did sweat a lot because BF did not have a workout today which stinks because I was ready to get on it.  I do plan to go to the makeup day tomorrow at 10 am so hopefully I will be able to roll out of bed and get there in time.  I had donuts for breakfast, whoops! But a healthy salad for lunch so that might make up fr the donut situation. I have NOT been making healthy choices good gracious what is it going to take!!!
Look at that outfit, got to love the parents who just go with it and do not make them find a pair of low/high sock pair.  I mean I know socks get lost very easily but this is too much! I died laughing.

So today I had to go for a Mammogram, which wasn't awful but definitely uncomfortable and a first, but good news the radiologist said there was nothing in the images, so I am free and clear.  There was a point (while I was waiting) when I started to freak out, they keep you there for like 2 hours and it is very nerve racking.  But at least I have all the information and can move forward and not worry.

On an exciting point in the day James and I met with our architect and got the CAD drawings of the house and I am getting really excited about the new addition! It is so neat and I know the process will be long but I think it will be really amazing in the long run.

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to Beyond Fit today because of my appointment but I will do some stuff on my own the next few days to try and make up for that, I have been trying to participate in some of the games with the kids. 

    Got in a workout! Yes!

I was unable to make it yesterday so it is nice to be back in the saddle (aka rower) again.  This has been quite an exhausting 24 hours but I accomplished my goals for the day and fit in a few extra errands. To really put the icing
on the cake Chad smushed my back all up and it feels so much better and I can breath again which is excellent. 

An extra surprise was this little bug at the gym, him and all his buddies were trying to workout with me, so I was in good company :)

It is the last week in September and I plan to crush it!

I had my first Mel's meal today for lunch, which was okay I think it needed a little bit more salsa or something, it was too dry and I played with almost all my classes today, which was a great sweaty workout for me! This was all a pre warm-up for Beyond Fit where we had strength training today. I focused on Dead Lift 167.5lb, Bench Press (negative) 130lb  and T Rows 85 lb.  I did seem a little off my game but that is okay because I have all week to get back into the groove of getting ripped!

My workout was followed by a trip to Central Market where James and I loaded up for dinner, Carne Guisada, Corn and jalapenos.  Sadly I think half the cart was filled with candy/dessert because someone kept sneaking items in when I was not looking! But I did get myself some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and candy corn...love those little buggers.

Today was just a lovely day, the weather was nice, I got up early and went walk jogging with my Beyond Fit crew.  Followed up with a trip to Whole Foods with Chad to load up on some produce and eat some post workout food.  I appreciate my friends who will drive me around when I am carless! muchas gracias
       Happy Friday, the best day of the week for me, I have had just a great last few days and I am happy to say I finished with an excellent Friday.  Today I ran six laps with my kiddos; was not even out of breath, and that has never ever, ever, ever in my life happened! I felt like a super star and I think I might actually be a super star!
        I then went to do some strength training at beyond fit, 188lbs squat, chin ups and some dips with 5lb weights, totally killed it with my girl SB.  I know she is feeling a bit down on herself recently which I can really understand, but I feel that any day you go to workout is a success because you are there and you are trying and that is all you can do.  As a "normal" person I feel we all hit a point where you push through or you quit. 
        There are no standards, nobody has the right to judge what you do, you do what you can, because we all are different and have shit in our lives.  Be proud for persevering, that is the real battle!!


    Kristen a 30 year old child, love my little family and look forward to a happy and healthy future. Maybe this will inspire you to be silly and live fulfilled.


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