It is the last week in September and I plan to crush it!

I had my first Mel's meal today for lunch, which was okay I think it needed a little bit more salsa or something, it was too dry and I played with almost all my classes today, which was a great sweaty workout for me! This was all a pre warm-up for Beyond Fit where we had strength training today. I focused on Dead Lift 167.5lb, Bench Press (negative) 130lb  and T Rows 85 lb.  I did seem a little off my game but that is okay because I have all week to get back into the groove of getting ripped!

My workout was followed by a trip to Central Market where James and I loaded up for dinner, Carne Guisada, Corn and jalapenos.  Sadly I think half the cart was filled with candy/dessert because someone kept sneaking items in when I was not looking! But I did get myself some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and candy those little buggers.

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