Happy Friday, the best day of the week for me, I have had just a great last few days and I am happy to say I finished with an excellent Friday.  Today I ran six laps with my kiddos; was not even out of breath, and that has never ever, ever, ever in my life happened! I felt like a super star and I think I might actually be a super star!
        I then went to do some strength training at beyond fit, 188lbs squat, chin ups and some dips with 5lb weights, totally killed it with my girl SB.  I know she is feeling a bit down on herself recently which I can really understand, but I feel that any day you go to workout is a success because you are there and you are trying and that is all you can do.  As a "normal" person I feel we all hit a point where you push through or you quit. 
        There are no standards, nobody has the right to judge what you do, you do what you can, because we all are different and have shit in our lives.  Be proud for persevering, that is the real battle!!

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