Look at that outfit, got to love the parents who just go with it and do not make them find a pair of low/high sock pair.  I mean I know socks get lost very easily but this is too much! I died laughing.

So today I had to go for a Mammogram, which wasn't awful but definitely uncomfortable and a first, but good news the radiologist said there was nothing in the images, so I am free and clear.  There was a point (while I was waiting) when I started to freak out, they keep you there for like 2 hours and it is very nerve racking.  But at least I have all the information and can move forward and not worry.

On an exciting point in the day James and I met with our architect and got the CAD drawings of the house and I am getting really excited about the new addition! It is so neat and I know the process will be long but I think it will be really amazing in the long run.

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to Beyond Fit today because of my appointment but I will do some stuff on my own the next few days to try and make up for that, I have been trying to participate in some of the games with the kids. 

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