Today my body is rebelling, I was playing with some of my kiddos in the gym and my hip snapped and now it is killing me. I went to workout but it was defiantly not my best effort. I also iced and rested so hopefully tomorrow I will feel some relief. So tired.

 I keep getting crazy bruises appearing out of the blue, no pun intended! My guess would be that my birthday water slide was more intense than originally anticipated! You should see my hip and butt it looks nasty(ier).

Today I started off with some cereal for breakfast, salad and macaroni for lunch, and still haven't decided on dinner.  I did not get a chance to work out because I had a faculty meeting after school, but in truth I need a day off to rest and do a few things around the house!
Hump day is drawing to a close and I am already prepared for a nice long Labor Day weekend! Wahooo
Yummo, this may not look as good as it really is but this was my lunch today, pulled pork and broccoli (not pictured). I had leftovers from last nights ATE food delivery service that I ordered, just as good the second time around.  So it was an interesting day at work, so me and the encore team went to get margaritas and....wait for it....THEN I went and worked out! Now that is dedication :) I am not going to lie, I was a bit of a goof but I still went and sweat a lot which is what really counts. Cardio and core today, I also went shirt off!!! YEAH

 Well it is officially back to school with the kiddies & boy was it a long and tiring day.
I got up bright and early this morning, ate my leftover donuts from yesterday and started my day. I did not have any groceries so I was unable to pack a lunch so I had to have cafeteria food, which is definitely not a gourmet meal. I did drink lots of water through the day to help my voice since I was having to talk a lot, which did me well when it was time to workout this afternoon.  I almost did not motivate myself to get to Beyond Fit, I saw my couch and reallly wanted to lay on it, but I powered through and I am glad I did.

Today I did strength training dead lift (157lb), bench press (100) and rows (horizontal).

I def. need to put this up at my house!
This is what yesterday consisted of, oh and beer!
It was FUN!

Squats noted below, chin-ups 4x4, bench press 95x6!
FRIDAY, so excited the week is almost over! Today has been non stop with work and trying to get last minute things ready for school starting on Monday. This morning I fasted till 11:30 and then I had a thundercloud sandwich on wheat and a few baked potatoe chips! Lots of water for me today as well.  I will be going ot Beyond Fit at 4pm for strength training :) Then I am going to get ready for BIRTHDAY party on Saturday, super pumped about that.




SO busy I did not even get to workout with Beyond Fit. At my school we had meet the teacher and it ran for a very long time, my face muscles hurt from smiling so much.  Earlier in the day I had Indian food at Tarka which was very good and pretty healthy, I did not have any breakfast, and then wait for it....I ate a burger. Fail.  Well it will be better tomorrow! :) I am going to hit the sack super early tonight, I am exhausted. tata for now


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