Well it is officially back to school with the kiddies & boy was it a long and tiring day.
I got up bright and early this morning, ate my leftover donuts from yesterday and started my day. I did not have any groceries so I was unable to pack a lunch so I had to have cafeteria food, which is definitely not a gourmet meal. I did drink lots of water through the day to help my voice since I was having to talk a lot, which did me well when it was time to workout this afternoon.  I almost did not motivate myself to get to Beyond Fit, I saw my couch and reallly wanted to lay on it, but I powered through and I am glad I did.

Today I did strength training dead lift (157lb), bench press (100) and rows (horizontal).

8/27/2012 09:42:17 am

Glad you made it today! I love when you're there! ;)


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