Today was a fast paced day, after getting little sleep last night I had to hop up this morning and go teach the kiddies. There were a few behavior issues but we were on point for most of the day, and I played in the games with a few of my classes to get extra sweaty.
I had a salad and broccoli for lunch, but whoops I had donuts for breakfast! But I feel like I really deserved them. ::)))

On a positive note I had an excellent workout at Beyond fit, look at those numbers, crazy impressive :) I am so happy about my progress and how I have been doing, this has really been surprising and reassuring. 

very proud here!

9/7/2012 09:09:11

you shouldn't be surprised! i believe in you - strong chick :)

9/7/2012 14:56:17

Awesome effort this week! I'm very proud of you. Look out 200! BTW we are adding weight to your dips next week. :)


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