So see the picture below, that was pre-me getting a major cold from being outside in monsoon winds! I have been majorly snuffly and sore throat but I think I am on the up and up now!

I am very excited about March and what it is going to bring for me and my family. The house progression has been good and I am hoping by the end of ole SMARCH we might be almost done! YAY what an exciting time!
My workouts are still continuing and progressing along, my eating is still bad but not awful, I am over worrying about it at this time, I am doing what I can. James parents made these delicious pork chops with a mole sauce and sweet potatoes. Yumm-o!!

I have so much going on in my life, being overly concerned on what I am eating and how hard I'm working out are definitely not on my list of most important. I do it because it is good for my body but that is it, I have no other desire to do it.
March- life is coming in to focus, and I like what I am seeing.

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