Can you believe that January is over and February is hot on our heels, well toes it is HERE! This is always a very busy month for me at work, I hold a school wide event to support the American Heart Association, it's very fulfilling but of course a lot of extra work, but that is how that goes!

In my personal life this week has been difficult, my husband has been out of town for seven days and it is the longest we have ever been apart, I do appreciate my personal time but geez enough already, I am so excited to see him I can barely stand it! One thing that I noticed while he was away is that even though I feel like I do everything around the house, I don't. I should give him more credit and appreciate the things he does because even though they are minor they add up to make a big difference.  (For example locking the doors at night, taking out trash, rolling the trash bins, turning off TV in the night, setting thermostat,  dealing with the dogs ALOT! ) So in honor of love month I will be appreciating and loving on my husband even more in the next 4 weeks.

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