Well it was back to work today, that goes for working out and school, we had a half day which left us with half the day to paint stencils at my school.  Painting was pretty tough manual work, we got about 4 hours done and many stencils for the students to play on tomorrow.  After a very laboring day I went and worked out at Beyond Fit (strength training today) where I got a chance to catch up with TK who I missed so much!! I didn't get a chance to see SB, she worked out earlier today so hopefully I will get a chance to chat her up tomorrow, I mean it is about being social not working out! haha

I did a halves dinner, made a salad but picked up KFC chicken, which I know is super greasy but it worked in a pinch. I was starving and ate a lot of food, I think my internal clock is still off from Vegas.

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