How funny is that shirt, silly t-rex with little arms!

Yesterday I skipped out of my workout and went to have dinner and drinks after my CAC meeting at school and it was totally worth skipping out.  First it was great to catch up with my friend, but on top of that the day of rest made a difference in my workout today.  I went to cardio and core today and I had NO back pain! Yay, first time in a long time and I was able to do the entire workout with out having to skip the core today! woot woot so proud of myself :)

So I am thinking maybe I need to take one day off during the week to give my body a little recovery time. I will see how that works and make tweeks to my workout as I see fit. I will continue to share the progress with les

10/11/2012 11:47:13 am

i am so happy to hear that you did not have any pain during tonight's KILLER/AWESOME workout! looking badass in that pic ;) but seriously, look at your legs - HOT.


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