Here comes trouble! I am so excited to be 4 days away from the summer (school days that is). I plan to have the best summer ever, my house is basically done and I am ready to chill!

I am also excited to get back in the gym a few days a week and get an amazing tan ;) Hopefully the rest of my pictures will have me looking gorgeous. 

Well my surgery did not really go that smooth, I ended up staying in the ICU for 4 days which was not my idea of a good vacation. On the plus side my hip is feeling so much better and I can move around very easily. 
I did workout last Wednesday at Beyond Fit which was amazing and I could not move my arms for 5 days I probably over did it a bit seeing how I had not worked out in over a month. More then that though I have been working on my house every weekend. I have built furniture, sealed cement floors, and built a kitchen. You wanna talk about a hard workout that will do it! I plan to restart at BF once I finish up with school and have a little more time when the house is finished. I do miss all my pals who I workout with though :(

Yesterday was my last Beyond Fit workout for a month or so, which is sad, but it was a gooood workout! Now I am working on my meditating and it is working pretty well to control pain, which is neat to see and feel :)

After heading to the doctor on Tuesday I have surgery planned for my hip on the 11th. This would be to clean out the joint and smooth out torn up tissue, this will be temporary but will have to do for now and hopefully I can get a year or two out of it! The downer is that I have to use crutches for a month which sucks; crutches are overrated I want a scooter!

On top of that my house is a construction zone and I am not real sure how well me navigating on crutches is going to go, maybe I will be found under a pile of rubble.

The greatest evil is physical pain. Saint Augustine




You ever had something painful and did something to help it but was unsure if it actually worked? I did and well it did work because now it REALLY hurts!

My cortisone shot has worn off, cry a little tear for me, this reminds me of how I was not really in pain for a whole 2 months. I mean was it worth me gaining ten pounds, I dunno, ask me in a week when I feel like ripping my leg off, I am sure the answer will be yes.

Is there some magical way to make those ten pounds go away, I mean other then slaving away which ironically hurts my hip.... sooo lose/lose! Makes me wonder about all those "laser weight loss" procedures, that seems easy :)

                                   (Side note: my hip does not look like this pretty healthy one)

So see the picture below, that was pre-me getting a major cold from being outside in monsoon winds! I have been majorly snuffly and sore throat but I think I am on the up and up now!

I am very excited about March and what it is going to bring for me and my family. The house progression has been good and I am hoping by the end of ole SMARCH we might be almost done! YAY what an exciting time!
My workouts are still continuing and progressing along, my eating is still bad but not awful, I am over worrying about it at this time, I am doing what I can. James parents made these delicious pork chops with a mole sauce and sweet potatoes. Yumm-o!!

I have so much going on in my life, being overly concerned on what I am eating and how hard I'm working out are definitely not on my list of most important. I do it because it is good for my body but that is it, I have no other desire to do it.
March- life is coming in to focus, and I like what I am seeing.

Well February is almost over and spring is hot on our heels. This next month I plan to be pro active about my eating dessert, I have been cutting back but I plan on not giving in to the temptation nearly as often. I am not going to eliminate completly, that never works for me, but recently I have lost all control! Oh My!

On the up and up I have been really pleased with my workout consistency over the past weeks, I have been going 3-4 times a week. My body has not been retaliating to much so I am pleased with my progress. The weekend workout was my favorite this past week, sometimes you need a good crowd to pump you up and keep the motivation level high. 
Just a random cute picture of Bubbles to make you smile!

Just to touch base I have been working out multiple times a week, eating crappy and such. The food has gotten a little better the past few days, I was in an Ice Cream addiction for a full two weeks but I am working my way out of it right now. Man once I start on the ice cream I can't stop.

I have been really sore from my workouts the past two days so I am feeling good about that, I hope it means my fat is burning away! But I have been so tired the past few weeks, I am having a hard time getting up for work. I am trying to work that all out, I  can't tell if it is allergies or a medication? Not sure but I will get to the bottom of it :)


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