Today is a big day, election day, I got my vote on and I hope you did as well.

With all this time change my schedule is still a bit off, I did not sleep very well and was slow moving most of the day.  Today I  had physical therapy and decided to skip my workout so that I could go to Central Market, I really needed to get groceries for the week, I love to have lunch and breakfast all planned out, it makes such a huge difference for me.

Physical therapy is definitely slow going, but I am having some progress it is just much slower than I was originally anticipating.  Everyone keeps suggesting Prolotherapy which I would love to try but it is crazy expensive and not covered by insurance. I have heard pretty good things about Prolotherapy but it always seems like insurance is 10 steps behind new medicine and its benefits. Maybe sometime I will be able to give it a try and see if that makes a difference, till then I will keep on keeping on.

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