I am going to try to make a few changes/improvements in 2013
So here are a few of my 2013 adjustments (in no particular order)
-Be more aware of what i put in my body
-Keep writing every week
-Put my shoes/purse up
-Keep momentum for new career
-Finish house addition with decorating
-Keep positive about my body and health
-Do a 5k and 5k obstacle

There are a few others (2-3) that I will not post, I do not want the WHOLE world to know :)

Now let it be shown that I will not call these resolutions; I do not really like the idea of that.  I am just reflecting and trying to see what lies ahead and what route I want to take to get there.

Happy Holiday and enjoy your family and friends
Today I had my appointment with the injection doctor, so millions of shots here I come...1/2/2013!

I am starting with 4-6 cortisone injections in my back with an injection in the hip as well.  We will see how that goes and reassess two weeks after that. SO I am hoping for a little bit of improvement, which will be much needed!

On a separate topic I have so many sweets at my house from the kiddos at school, crazy amount of food!!!

I am pushing on, but with a different game plan. I am going to keep working out but I have decided to cut back my days.  I will no longer workout everyday, I am going to try MWF and see how my body responds to that.
*My body is giving me the not so friendly reminder that I need to dial it back and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Everyday I am forced to read these "inspirational" quotes and more than anything I find them to be frustrating bullshit. Sure maybe for most people it is easy to say push through, but there are times when you SHOULD NOT push through, and you are not less of a person for doing that. 

 I got a bit caught up in trying to train like this, push through pain and believe if I never give up that I will be better for it, but this is completely FALSE.
When you are in pain, that is your body saying stop, reassess, I know better than to act like this; I have a degree in Kinesiology, I was a collegiate athlete, I grew up being ill trained for 10 years (as a gymnast you learn to put up and shut up)

Worse yet I am seeing people doing things that you know are going to give them pain later down the line but they do not stop because they want to be hard core.  Maybe it will never hurt them but from my experience doing something the wrong way over and over, in a way that the body cannot endure, will catch up with you.

As an athlete who grew up being pushed to the limits and not knowing healthy boundaries for when it is OK to stop, I am now having to retrain my brain. It is easy for me to feed off my pain as an accomplishment of how much I have done, but this is not healthy, and I know this.
So watch me change my ways and try not to relapse!!




I need to keep this in mind at all times
I have hit a wall, frustrated and done.
Final analysis says that when I have sugary items before strength training days I lift TONS more. Now recently those items have been cupcakes, ice cream, etc... So I will try healthier sugars like fruit or juice, even those that does sound much more lame. I am excited to test it out on Monday to see what happens!
Do not worry I do not have anorexia athletica, I might have the opposite actually, but it is real and quite interesting.  Look in to it!!

I had my doctors appointments for the MRI results, structurally everything looks good a little bit of arthritis, but good.  So I am off to see some dude, Dr.D, he does injections of all sorts so I might get a big needle in the back (that's what she said). Anything to help with this back pain, uggg kill me now!

But alas I have been working out, drinking juice, and rocking it! Same ole same ole :) Check out my sill friends up there, they make me smile!!


    Kristen a 30 year old child, love my little family and look forward to a happy and healthy future. Maybe this will inspire you to be silly and live fulfilled.


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