So I never believed in any of the full moon boloney until I became a teacher; I swear there is nothing more draining than teaching during a full moon.  The children go crazy and I have no energy, thus all my workouts this week have really been below par. On Monday I barely made it through strength training, I was so tired and stressed out, yesterday was a little better but not my best performance. Hopefully I will be able to amp it up for the end of the week and finish better than I started. Today I have a MRI and Xray to check out my back situation so I may not make it to the gym...but we will see!

Trying to keep it positive
Sunday night, tomorrow I have to go back to work after a wonderful five days off. To say that I am very sad about this would be an understatement, these past five days have been very fulfilling and relaxing.   I spent a good amount of time with my family which is always nice and got to reconnect with my brother and his wife who was in from New York.  I even got him to workout with me which was super fun to watch! I think my workouts this week were better because I had more energy to put forth with not having to teach in the day. But no excuses I will be ready to kick it in to gear tomorrow at Beyond Fit; which by the way is a fun new color!! See all you dolls next time!

I have really been cruising along this week, there has been progress and gains in my workouts and eating! I have been trying to focus in on Paleo eating, which has not been perfect but I have been doing much better, I have upped my juice intake and my strength has improved which is exciting to see and execute. I am hoping to keep up the momentum I have going and see where it takes me...maybe to the moon!

It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
What an amazing weekend, there were baby showers, car racing, jamming to music, dinners eaten and errands run. 

This may sound un-amazing to most but in the mix of lots of activities I was able to make good food choices and workout extra on Sunday.  I have decided to get back in to eating a Paleo diet that I did back in March/April, I think it will help me get back on track and feel better overall (this diet was recommended to me by my doctor because of some health issues that I have). This weekend I kept saying in my head I will start the next meal, next meal...blah blah blah.  But legitimately starting NOW right now, I can not put it off any longer.  No time like the present so keep me accountable my friends!

Just my life for the past few days, eat, workout, look cute and start over.

This is me killing my day!!

Great breakfast CHECK
Tough as nails CHECK
Game face CHECK
Silly dog pic CHECK

My day was so productive :)
So I competed in the Warrior Dash and had so much fun today! It was an amazing good time and I was proud of all the running I did, just a small amount of walking.
The Warrior Dash had obstacles (mud pit, fire, wall, balance beams etc) and was just over 3 miles, I was drenched in mud and smiling ear to ear.  All in all I was impressed with myself and the support from my friends who I ran with, it was a great bonding experience :)

I cannot wait for the Color Run I do plan to run in that one whenever it rolls around.


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