Happy Halloween these were my silly socks of the week! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Hallows eve and do not eat to much junk!
I did great today, with a fresh start to the week I have really done nicely.  I planned all my foods for the week; today was yogurt, apple, banana, fish, broccoli, corn and 3/4 of a brownie.  I did a great job lifting at the gym today with TK and SB (strength training) and encouragement by CB, I went up in weight in everything!
I felt much stronger today than I had in a very long time so it was much needed to have aboost of confidence!
A big difference in the week is me having gone to the grocery store and being prepared for the next few days, I need to try to be better about that.

But oh well!

I have been having these ridiculous sugar cravings and I am totally giving in to it! I had 3 rice crispy treats today and a baby ruth! Stop the madness, I mean I worked out and all but who cares I ate a million calories! Ok I will officially start trying harder tomorrow, or right now better yet.  Right now right now right now


   So here is the deal... I am at a point where I know I could pull the rip cord and bail out.  My back is aching, I am going to physical therapy and I have a legitimate reason to stop working out.        
   This is what always happens to me, but I need to recognize this obstacle but not let it stop me in my tracks. If I can keep the routine of making it to workouts, even if it is not 100%, I know I will do better in the long run.  
   I did have a bit of a hiccup today at Physical Therapy when all the exercises she had me do really hurt and I could tell she was not prepared for me and what the heck to have me do. The worst part is that it did make the pain worse, I mean what do people expect when they poke on you non stop, yes it hurts, stop doing that!!
Today I choose to keep on keeping on and go to Beyond Fit tomorrow and do what I can. I will be cautious but not give up on myself! If you have any excellent words of wisdom I will take them and put them in the bank for when I am feeling defeated!

Working hard in the gym today even with the heater making it more like a sauna. I might have lost weight just standing in there! Basketball my favorite sport to teach!
As planned I did kick it back in to gear today and it felt so good.

I was very hungry all day which I am not really sure why, but I did have a yummy lunch of honeycrisp apple, turkey sandwich on wheat and baked chips.

I hit up Beyond Fit today with my pug Roxy, she did some really excellent squats and handstands, you should see her, pretty dang awesome ;) Ha ha but more impressive was me and the new workout which I liked.  We mixed it up a bit, lots of sets not many reps. I worked my tail off and celebrated with a trip to CM to load up on groceries and a delicious dinner.I made tortellini with mushrooms and lots of broccoli.

It's the weekend and you can't complain about that!

I was able to do a few things for the house, I finally went and completed the wedding registry, went to look at tile for the kitchen and counter tops as well. I went and had a great facial at Garbo Salon which was so nice, I am glad I bought that Groupon back in the summer, smart thinking!
This weekend did not have much physical activity mostly I caught up on my sleep and chores but I will be ready to roll come Monday afternoon!

Happy Happy Friday my friends! Today was gorgeous here is Austin Texas and it was a wonderful day to go outside and workout! So we did!

Today I went to a lovely happy hour with my co-workers and then went to workout at Beyond Fit, but only did chin-ups and dips. No weights since I had already had a margarita, keeping it safe at Beyond Fit :)

For lunch I had left over pasta and an apple, breakfast I had cereal that tasted like dirt (lots of fiber and healthy) and for dinner a taco from Torchy's! Yummo! I have many things happening this weekend, but I am hoping to be able to relax a little bit and catch up on my sleep!



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Dang!!! I did the 300 today even though I tried to psych myself out of it. Look how hard that workout is. Not only did I do it but I beat my time by over one minute! Nothing compared to my girl SB she KILLED her time, love the dedication lady!

Because of my killer workout I had myself a glass of wine, maybe a little more, and cookies!! 3 cookies to be exact and I loved every minute of them. On a healthier note I had a healthy lunch and breakfast which included lots of fruits, I love myself a banana!


    Kristen a 30 year old child, love my little family and look forward to a happy and healthy future. Maybe this will inspire you to be silly and live fulfilled.


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