So first off I set a new record of 4 chin-ups, this may seem silly but my goal for the summer is five and I am gonna kill it! On another note I think my double workout yesterday made me a little exhausted today so I did not go up in weight else where.
Squats 150
Floor Press 110
each 4 sets of 6

Started the first meal of the day off with the Originator from JuiceLand which has fresh apple juice • banana • blueberry • cherry • peanut butter • rice protein • spirulina • flax oil 

Tastes on 1-10 an 8
This is not me returning from the grocery store with only melons! But I did return with butt tons of veggies and fruits, it was almost a vegan trip!

Tonight's meal will consist of Tilapia, mushrooms and spinach. I know you want to be invited, but maybe next time!!

8/10/2012 05:52:47

Hey, you figured out the blog. Nice! I'm really liking it! So, I guess I don't need to come over and show you how to do the blog now... Let me know.
Keep up the good work! I see 10 chin-ups in your near future!


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